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Re: radius in pwdb and pam_pwdb

On Tue, 29 Dec 1998, Alan DeKok wrote:

> > I'm trying to do something like NIS with flexibility of radius.
>   Radius wasn't meant to do that.  It's currently impossible to do
> authorization (e.g. NIS information) without authentication.
I know, but providing data needed to set up user (uid,gid etc) during
authentication is enough for me now. I can have /etc/passwd with system
users only, and let dialin users log in and setup ppp. Their
authentication and authorisation is made by radius only.

>   I was planning on modifying the Cistron radius server to handle
> informational packets, and then writing an nss_radius module.  I've
> already got a RADIUS library written, and a UNIX dictionary for a
> radius server. See:
I've seen Your library and i think it is great. :-)
I've even start writing a simple radius server.
My goal is to get data for radius and then for login program from
(postgre)SQL database. (Now i'm using a script which get queries, rewrites
/etc/radius/users and reloads radiusd (merit) on every change in db)
I think informational packets is a good idea.

>   Alan DeKok.
Grzegorz Stanislawski
Open-Net /PKFL

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