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0.66 is out there


After what seems like the best part of a year.  Here is the next release
of Linux-PAM. My world seems to be moving to CVS, so this one comes with
a copy of my CVS tree...

All of the stuff is here:





My PGP key is both in the distribution and on this page:


Here is the extract from the CHANGELOG..:

  - make a decision on whether/how to include the radius module
  - remove prototype for gethostname in pam_access.c (Derrick)
  - document PAM_INCOMPLETE changes
  - verify that the PAM_INCOMPLETE interface is sensible.   Can we
    catch errors? should we permit item changing etc., between
    pam_authenticate re-invocations?
  - verify that the PAM_INCOMPLETE interface works (auth seems ok..)
  - add PAM_INCOMPLETE support to modules (partially added to pam_pwdb)
  - configure pam_client to build by default
  - work on RFC.
  - autoconf the modules (Why?)
  - do we need to remove openlog/closelog from modules..?

0.66: Mon Dec 28 20:22:23 PST 1998 <morgan@linux.kernel.org>

* Started using cvs to keep track of changes to Linux-PAM.  This will
  likely break some of the automated building stuff (RPMs etc..).
* security bug fix to pam_unix and pam_tally from Andrey.
* modules make file is now more automatic.  It should be possible to
  unpack an external module in the modules directory and have it
  added to the build process.  Also added a modules/download-all script
  that will make such downloading easier.  I'm happy to receive patches
  this file, informing the distribution of places from which to enrich
* removed pam_system_log stuff.  Thought about it long and hard: a
  bad idea.  If libc cannot guarantee a thread safe syslog, it needs
  to be fixed and compatibility with other PAM libraries was
  unnecessarily strained.
* SAG documentation changes: Seth Chaiklin
* rhosts: problems with NIS lookup failures with the root-uid check.
  As a work-around, I've partially eliminated the need for the lookup
  by supplying two new arguments: no_uid_check, superuser=<username>.
  As a general rule this is more pluggable, since this module might be
  used as an authentication scheme for a network service that does not
  need root privilege...
* authenticate retval -> setcred for pam_pwdb (likeauth arg).
* pam_pwdb event driven support
* non openlog pam_listfile logging
* BUGFIX: close filedescriptor in pam_group and pam_time (Emmanuel
* Chris Adams' mailhash change for pam_mail module
* fixed malloc failure check in pam_handlers.c (follow up to comment
  by Brad M. Garcia).
* update to _pam_compat.h (Brad M. Garcia)
* support static modules in libpam again (Brad M. Garcia)
* libpam/pam_misc.c for egcs to grok the code (Brad M. Garcia)
* added a solaris-2.5.1 defs file (revived by Derrick J Brashear)
* pam_listfile logs failed attempts
* added a comment (Michael K Johnson pointed it out) about sgml2latex
  having a new syntax.  I'll make it the change real when I upgrade...
* a little more text to the RFC, spelling fix from William J Buffam.
* minor changes to pam_securetty to accommodate event driven support.

I'm sure it is buggy... I'm going to try to get back to more timely
releases, so post patches to me or this list (or both). How's that for a
New Year's resolution!?



PS. Kernel.org is extensively mirrored these days -- preparations for
2.2.*, and you can pick a site near you by browsing this page:


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