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PAM and shadow

I was looking at modifying lockvc to use PAM the other day. lockvc is a
terminal locking program that uses svgalib to show some nice graphics.
Like all svgalib programs it drops it root priviledges after
initializing the graphic system. As a result when a user tries to unlock
his system lockvc no longer can read /etc/shadow and PAM gives an error.

The standard solution I use is to open /etc/shadow before dropping the
root priviledges and later use fgetpwent() to get the shadow passwords.
I looked at the PAM sources to see if I could make a PAM module which
does that, but I found that apparently there is no method for a module
to be initialized when pam_start() is called.

Is there any solution to this problem, besides adding an initialization
function to the pam_module (hope I remembered the name correctly) struct?


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