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Re: PAM and shadow

Jim Dennis wrote:
>         How?  What is the name of the "little helper binary" and
>         how does one call it from within one's own code?

(On a redhat system this is)


>         I certainly hope you aren't suggesting that Wichert
>         creates *another* little helper binary.  Let's make

ldd /sbin/pwdb_chkpwd

        libpwdb.so.0 => /lib/libpwdb.so.0 (0x4000b000)
        libc.so.5 => /lib/libc.so.5 (0x4002a000)

If you want to use pam_unix, you probably do not want to use a binary
linked against the pwdb library.

>         So, Andrew --- about your new years resolution: Are
>         we going to see a few more releases this year --- maybe
>         even approach 1.x.  Are we going to get OPIE and/or S/Key
>         (TM) "out of the box" so we can discourage the scourge of
>         reusable passwords over insecure links?

I work for a living. I do PAM things when I can. I don't write modules
that I don't have a use for, so if you want to see these modules, please
find/test/advocate them = please tell me whether what is "out there"
appears to work and please arrange that they can be built within the
Linux-PAM build tree.

If people send me patches, I'm resolved to make more releases.  Now that
I have a CVS tree for Linux-PAM, I can sanely develop things in
parallel.  I'll release code I've written when it is written.

[I'm going to be really reticent about distributing anything that comes
close to reversible cryptography, but I have added a script to the
latest release (see modules/download-all).  I'll be more than happy to
add download "instructions" to this file for stuff that falls into the
crypto category..]



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