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No more paging...

 Hello. I no longer work at E-Znet, and as such don't have a pager. This
account will probably be maintained for a while, but paging will only
generate this message. If you need to reach me, contact me in some other
message. I do have a cell phone, but due to obvious reasons, I will
not give out the number to anyone that just sends me a "page:" :).

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Jeffrey Mahoney
Tue Jan  6  2:13:12 1998

>  I'm writing a secure webpage that will be used to change passwords on
>our linux box.  This machine serves out files to hundreds of people and I
>wanted to use pam57 to aid me in this goal.   I tried to follow the samba
>code and was successful in getting pam to verify a username/password; but
>when I envoke 
>	pam_chauthtok
>and follow the conversation, it will always do this:
>reply_number	msg				response
>1/1		Password:			seems to work fine
>1/2		Changing password for blah	
>2/2		(current) UNIX password:	Segmentation fault
>gdb doesn't supply any helpful information:
>Program received signal SIGSEV, Segmentatoin fault.
>0x400e0270 in ?? () from /lib/security/pam_pwdb.so
>Is there any easier way to do this?-- using pam seems more difficult than
>just writing my own routines with crypt(), so I assume that I'm missing
>something here.
>Craig Kelley  --  kellcrai@isu.edu
>http://www.isu.edu/~kellcrai finger ink@inconnu.isu.edu for PGP block
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