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Upgraded 4.0->5.0 now PAM hates /etc/group

Title: Upgraded 4.0->5.0 now PAM hates /etc/group

I recently upgraded one of my main servers from RedHat 4.0 to 5.0.  I have also applied all of the errata updates.  Executing 'rpm -Va' indicates that everything installed properly (no missing dependencies, etc.).  However, logins at the console are extremely slow and CPU-intensive, su segfaults, and telnet connections fail after the correct login and password are entered.

So far, I've traced the problem down to PAM and the /etc/groups file.  If I login as root (on tty1), it takes a few extra seconds to get a prompt, but then everything seems normal.  However, if I login as myself (on tty1), it not only takes a few extra seconds to get a prompt, but my GIDs to not resolve properly (e.g. executing 'ls -la' displays the GID rather than the associated name), particularly files which are chowned myself.myself.

This system hosts over 3,800 user accounts in the same group and therefore there is a line in /etc/groups which is nearly 28,000 characters in length.  If I arbitrarily cut this line down to 677 characters, the problems all go away.  Logins are snappy again, GIDs resolve to groupnames properly, and I can telnet in again.  Add a 678th character and BOOM...slow, goofy, and no logins via telnet.

I've tried using a different /bin/login (which also uses PAM) as well as other shells.  These changes do not fix the problem.  I don't use shadowed passwords (yet) and my /etc/pam.d/login entries seem fine to me.

I'm adding 15-20 new accounts to this system each day, and leaving them out of the /etc/group file for any length of time is not an acceptable solution.  HELP!  (please...now...thanks).

Still awake after 36 hours,


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