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Re: pppd 2.3.3 with pam

Get the patch file ppp-2.3.3-PAM-support from 

Apply the patch, and recompile with "make USE_PAM=1".

Be sure you have the auth and login commands in your /etc/ppp/options 
(or equivalent) file.

Be sure your pap-secrets file looks something like:

clientname * "" *

or even

* * "" *

to allow all (use this ONLY with the login option).

The last * is important--it's not required in earlier versions of 

I can send you my configuration files if necessary.

Hope this helps,

PS. Thanks to Al Lonyear for making the patch available!

 On  7 Jan 98 at 19:57, Sergio Ballestrero wrote:

> i've tried to configure mgetty+pppd 2.3.3 (that has support for PAM)
> to allow Auto-PPP (PAP) logins, but PAM always answers with an
> authentication failure. Note that the thing works if i recompile
> pppd without PAM support.
>  I admit to be a newbie to PAM; anyway i've tried to add a service
>  called
> ppp and one called pppd in /etc/pam.d (copying the login service),
> but none of this worked.
>  Does anybody have any suggestion (or a working example :-) ?
Doug Kite            email: dkite@co.lenoir.nc.us
Network Administrator         phone: 919-559-6442
Lenoir County MIS               fax: 919-523-0371

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