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So this is to announce another pre-release of Linux-PAM.  (I think
with 0.60 and above I am going to drop the idea of pre-releases as
they are never ending...)

Here is what has changed from preD to preE:

* complete rewrite of the "control flag" logic.  Formerly, we were
  limited to four flags: requisite, required, sufficient, optional.
  We can now use these keywords _and_ a great deal more besides.
  The extra logic was inspired by Vipin Samar, a preliminary patch was
  written by Andy Berkheimer, but I "had some ideas of my own" and
  that's what I've actually included.  The basic idea is to allow the
  admin to custom build a control flag with a series of token=value
  pairs inside square brackets.  Eg., '[default=die success=ok]' which
  is pretty close to a synonym for 'requisite'.  I'll try to document it
  better in the sys-admin guide but I'm pretty sure it is a change for
  the better....  If what is in the sys-admin guide is not good enough
  for you, just take a look at the source for libpam ;^)

* better handling of empty lines in .rhosts file.  (Formerly, we asked
  the nameserver about them!) Fix from Hugh Daschbach.

Cristian: would you like to make an rpm for this?



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