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Re: Linux-PAM-0.59preE

Cristian Gafton wrote:
> >   The extra logic was inspired by Vipin Samar, a preliminary patch was
> >   written by Andy Berkheimer, but I "had some ideas of my own" and
> >   that's what I've actually included.  The basic idea is to allow the
> I'd vote for making 0.60 a "stable" release with .rhosts patch, then

The .rhosts patch is in there.

> starting with this control flag change as .61

Actually, this change was promised as being something I would include
in .59 to various people, notably Andy, and so now it is (finally)
there.  All this pre stuff is made a bit moot by the fact that Red Hat
are shipping a (stable) pre-release...

I see your point.  I will rename 0.59preD+(rhosts patch) 0.60 proper.
And then make my next release as 0.61.  In the meantime, 0.59preE is
as close to 0.61 as anything.  [Expect all this tomorrow.]

> > Cristian: would you like to make an rpm for this?
> Will do it, but I doubt the new libpam will be an official upgrade for RH
> 5.0 (b/c control flag logic change is too much of a step for a
> supposed-bug-fix-only release)

I could not agree more: but you'll need a new feature for Red Hat
Linux 6.0 ;^).



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