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Re: PAM S/Key module?

"CC" == Chip Christian <chip@princetontele.com> writes:

CC> Or OPIE, which I take it is like S/Key:TNG. 
CC> http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/libs/pam/modules.html has a link 
CC> that doesn't point to it (any longer?).

CC> apotter@ncsa.com said:
>> I'm looking for a working PAM S/Key module compatible with either RH
>> 4.2 or  5.0.  Can someone offer a pointer? 

OK, OK, OW!, OK, OOCH!, quit poking so much!  :)~

I'll dust my PAM-S/Key sources off this weekend and see what I can do
about bringing them up to date and making them a bit functional.  (Said
sources were coded against libpam 0.1, and were alpha at best when I
tarballed them and put 'em on my FTP site.)

Yea, I know I've promised to do this once or twice before, but this time
I Really Mean It (tm).

(Don't expect a working module by Monday morning though; I've gotta
reread doc's et al.--lots has changed since 0.1!)


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