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pam_ldap v0.01

Hi All,

    Here is the first really really really alpha release of pam_ldap.

    Pam_ldap allows for authentication against an ldap server. It is
based on pam_smb, with some ideas (and code) taken from mod_ldap_auth.c
for the apache web server. The bugs are all mine ;-)

    I have tested it on linux-pmac, ix86 linux and sparc-linux -
authenticating against both Umich and  Netscape LDAP servers.

    For more information, and to pick up the source code,  jump to

    It currently uses a very simple authentication strategy: search the
directory tree for a user that meets the correct criterion (ie. with a
name attribute field with the same name as supplied by the user at the
login prompt) and then attempts to bind against the tree using that user
and the user supplied password. I know for a fact that in its current
implementation, this strategy will fail if pam_ldap is given a referral
by the LDAP server.

Chris Albone

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