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Re: pam and su

Dave Wreski writes:
>Ok, will do.  I understand what the wheel group is for, but there is
>always the way of chgrp on su.  Why is the pam method advisable?

Because the chgrp/chmod solution doesn't allow users to su to each
other -- the wheel restriction should apply only to users trying
to become root.  At least, classically, that was the restriction
that wasw enforced; the chgrp/chmod solution changes the semantics
to no user being able to use su for any purpose unless they are in
the wheel group.

>[I'd like to have a conversation about a few things I don't like about RH
>5.0 -- is the rehat-devel-list the appropriate place?  I realize there is
>suggest@redhat, but I'd like to have a conversation, not just post

yes, redhat-devel-list; this list is not for things specific to
Red Hat Linux.  It's a general PAM list that Red Hat hosts as a
service to the PAM community, not a list for PAM on Red Hat Linux.


"Magazines all too frequently lead to books and should be regarded by the
 prudent as the heavy petting of literature."            -- Fran Lebowitz

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