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pam afs password changing module available


I just dropped a copy of the pam_afspass module at

It's a module which is straight AFS to allow you to change AFS passwords by
talking directly to an AFS kaserver. It does not require the krb4 or afstok
modules I've done.

A pam configuartion file parameter controls which string to key is used for
keys which are set. It defaults to the AFS string to key.

It's not "done" but it works. What's left to do is clean up the error handling
since right now it doesn't tell you anything useful about causes of failure,
just that you lost.

I should have done this long ago; The code to talk to the kaserver I did years
ago (and in fact you can get in the cheesy "kadmind translator" from

Maybe if I get bored this weekend I'll write the AFS authentication module I
promised last year. It's actually not hard either since I can recycle code from
the Kerberos 4 module.

Currently tested only with the Linux (free) PAM stuff, but to be tested on
Solaris 2.6 real soon now.


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