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permission problems (PAM?) with NC client users (fwd)

Hi, I had sent this to the hurricane list because I didn't know about the
existance of this list. I found it by browsing the RH mailing list
archives on their web site.  Hope this isn't too silly of  a question.


I have a stock RH5 setup that we intend to use as a bootp server for some
Network Computers. We installed the vendor's (Aranex) "Internet Client
Software" as root, and the NC's boot up fine. Then we add users/passwords
for these stations, but the logins consistantly fail when done at the
NC's. They work fine when done as standard telnet sessions.

The vendor specifically supports Linux as a server for these NC's (neat!),
but they have no RedHat experience, they normally supply Slackware, and
can't find what's wrong. We suspect the built-in security of their
software setup is conflicting with the RH5 PAM security. Uninstalling PAM
doesn't seem to be an option (?) but is there any way to configure some
users to only have "regular" security from /etc/passwd and nothing more,
or otherwise disable the use of PAM? Has anyone run into this before? 

Are there pointers for this kind of information; I didn't find much in


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