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Apache mod_pam stuff...

Title: Apache mod_pam stuff...

Hi everyone.  I have a few PAM-related inquiries:

1 -- I'm trying to build a "members-only" www site using RedHat 5.0 and Apache 1.2.5.  Everyone who has an account on this box needs to have authenticated-access to the web site, and I'd rather not maintain separate password files.  I've heard very little about a PAM module for Apache, but I know that the concept (in theory) is precisely what I'm looking for.  Can anyone here point me in the right direction as to how I might accomplish this?

2 - I use Livingston RADIUS 2.01 for authentication and accounting of my dial-up users.  I'd love for this to use PAM.  Has someone already done this to the extent that diffs may be available?  Or, is there a resource for this specific PAM application?

3 - Most of my billing and tech support databases live in mSQL.  I'd like to entertain the idea of my password files living there as well.  Is there an mSQL application for PAM which will help me accomplish this?  Again, is there a reasonably good source for this type of information?

I appreciate any and all positive feedback.  Thanks in advance...

Kevin Sawyer - President/CEO - sawyerk@apci.net
Applied Personal Computing, Inc. - APCiNet - http://www.apci.net
6001 Old Collinsville Road, Building #3, Fairview Heights, IL  62208
Office: (618) 632-7282  FAX: (618) 632-7287  Support: (618) 628-2Net

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