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Re: Apache mod_pam stuff...

On Fri, 16 Jan 1998, Kevin Sawyer wrote:

> 2 - I use Livingston RADIUS 2.01 for authentication and accounting of my
> dial-up users.  I'd love for this to use PAM.  Has someone already done
> this to the extent that diffs may be available?  Or, is there a resource
> for this specific PAM application?

Yes, there is a module called pam_lradius.so available from 
ftp://engr.leemah.com/pub/pam which handles authentication, and I believe
the pam_radius.so module (which does accounting) is now included in the
default Linux PAM distribution (or maybe that's just in the redhat version
thereof? :)

And for those interested in seriously non-standard applications of PAM,
I've been working on the pwdb support for radius databases (which I found
didn't work out of the box--has any attention been paid to this aspect
of pam_pwdb in the most recent releases?), so that those who already have
radius implemented for dialup accounts can use the same setup for remote
authentication on login machines.  It's working, but I think I'm going to
clean up the code a little more before I release any diffs. :D

                         -Steve Langasek

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