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ppp and wtmp logging

Thanks to the patches, i've easily been able to make AUTO-ppp work nicely.
So thanks a lot for your answers.

Now the problem is, that i'd like to see my users appear when i type
"last"... At the moment, i only see a list of a_ppp.

 I've looked at the modules, and the description of pam_lastlog says it
does update wtmp, so i put in pam.d/ppp:

session    required     /lib/security/pam_lastlog.so debug silent

but nothing changed. I've looked at the source of the module, and (in
version 0.59) there is nothing related to wtmp, just lastlog. 

 So, is the documentation that is buggy (wtmp updating is not supposed to 
be there), or just the feature is missing (wtmp updating still has to be
 Does anybody have a patch for this ? or a hint to patch it myself ?


   Sergio Ballestrero                                    PratoNeXt s.r.l.
     System Manager                           Via Giotto 27 59100 Prato
     sergio@pratonext.it                        Tel 604350 - Fax 604454

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