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Re: ppp and wtmp logging

>  I've looked at the modules, and the description of pam_lastlog says it
> does update wtmp, so i put in pam.d/ppp:
> session    required     /lib/security/pam_lastlog.so debug silent
> but nothing changed. I've looked at the source of the module, and (in
> version 0.59) there is nothing related to wtmp, just lastlog. 
>  So, is the documentation that is buggy (wtmp updating is not supposed to 
> be there), or just the feature is missing (wtmp updating still has to be
> done)?
>  Does anybody have a patch for this ? or a hint to patch it myself ?

A long while ago, Sun stated that u/wtmp handling was not a job for
PAM but the responsibility of the application.  It has always seemed a
little arbitrary, so when writing SimplePAMApps I prepared some code
that does this in an "almost" module like manner.  It needs a little
work, but you might like to look at the apps/inc directory in the
latest version of this package.  Feel free to turn it into a real
session module..



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