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Re: how do I chroot for users.

Heh, of course you must realize that I am far from
having the capabilities of doing this or I wouldn't
waste your time posting these messages.

I thought about that email shortly after I wrote it
and wondered to myself if I came off sounding a little
rude.  That wasn't my intension at all.

If it is possible to setup a chroot environment which
actually works within somewhat reasonable boundaries,
and it isn't something that would require a year of 
development, then I think it should be made available.

One reason is to protect against an administrators
own faults in security that could be better analyzed
with the ability to simple look around.

Another reason is individual environments for each user.
One user I would like to be able chown his files, another
I don't, so I simple don't give him chown.  Etc.

I'm sure there's tons of other valid reasons, but for me
these are at the top.


> > home directories.  Plain and simple.  Whether you agree with
> > this approach or not, the feature should be available.
> "should".... Start coding :-)
> Cristian
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