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Re: PAM and logon failures if username not correct

Richard Sharpe writes:
>I am having a problem on a RH4.0 system trying to get dial-up working. The
>problem seems to relate to PAM.
>Unfortunately, we have PAM 0.50 on the machine, and it is a production
>machine, so I have to tread carefully. Upgrading to RH4.2 or 5.0 is not on
>the cards for a while yet, but upgrading to the latest PAM support may be
>feasible if it does not break too many other things.

The latest PAM will break things; we had to make an incompatible change
in the interface to track a changing standard.  There are also problems
upgrading even to the version of PAM that comes with 4.2 because of
the pamconfig changes; 4.2 moved to /etc/pam.d/ instead of /etc/pam.conf

>1. If a user gets their username wrong, perhaps because they mistyped, they
>are logged out immediately, and the modem drops.

With the latest pam and pam_pwdb.so, that's configurable.  But I don't
think it is with pam_unix; you may have to hack the source yourself.

4.2 is quite stable, definitely more so than 4.0; I recommend that you put
upgrading to 4.2 on the cards ASAP.  It will definitely make it easier for
you to keep up with security updates.


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 prudent as the heavy petting of literature."            -- Fran Lebowitz

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