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Re: PAM aware NIS?

Woah Mike, slow down with the TLA's, you'll hurt someone.

AFAIK, this is really not a PAM issue, it's a fundamental goof: When you
run yp, you don't run shadow on the server, last I heard. Shadow yp
passwrds are entirely different beast, not at all related to /etc/shadow
and that sort of thing.


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On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, Mike Frisch wrote:

> I am running RH 4.2 with the stock ypserv and related goodies.  Everything
> appears to be working properly with the exception that the remote clients
> cannot authenticate.  I think this is related to my use of shadow
> passwords on the RH system.  What is the trick to getting making the
> passwords available to the clients?  Do the clients have to support PAM or
> am I way off base here?
> Any assistance is appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Mike.
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