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Linux-PAM 0.63


Well, this is to announce Linux-PAM 0.63.  You can get it from:


Here is the CHANGELOG for this version:

* added libpam_client "convention" library.  This makes explicit the
  use of PAM_BINARY_PROMPT.  It is a first cut, so don't take it too
  seriously yet.  Comments/suggestions for improvements are very
  welcome.  Note, this library does not compile by default.  It will
  be enabled when it is judged stable.  The library comes with two
  module/agent pairs and can be used with ssh using a patch available
  from my pre-release directory [where you got this file.]

  [For those wanting to play, there is a patch for ssh-1.2.21 in my
   pre-release directory: ssh-PAM-patch.1.tar.gz.  This makes use of
   the client library to demonstrate how this is going to shake things

* backward compatibility patch for libpam/pam_handlers.c (PAM_IGNORE
  was working with neither "requistie" nor "required") and a DEBUG'ing
  compile time bug with pam_dispatch.c (Savochkin Andrey Vladimirovich)

* minor Makefile change from (Savochkin Andrey Vladimirovich)

* added pam_afsauth, pam_afspass, pam_restrict, and pam_syslog hooks
  (Derrick J Brashear)

* pam_access use of uname(2) problematic (security problem
  highlighted by Olaf Kirch).

* pam_listfile went a bit crazy reading group membersips (problem
  highlighted by Olaf Kirch and patched independently by Cristian
  Gafton and Savochkin Andrey Vladimirovich)

* compatibility hooks for solaris and hpux (Derrick J Brashear)

* 64 bit Linux/alpha bug fixed in pam_rhosts (Andrew D. Isaacson)



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