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new version pam afs password changing module available

Hi again,

I just dropped a new copy of the pam_afspass module at
It's a module which is straight AFS to allow you to change AFS passwords by
talking directly to an AFS kaserver. It does not require the krb4 or afstok
modules I've done.

A pam configuartion file parameter controls which string to key is used for
keys which are set. It defaults to the AFS string to key.
At this point I believe it to be "done". I added error mapping from AFS
errors to PAM errors by looking through include/afs/kautils.h and guessing
which errors might be possible to get, which means the mapping is probably
more complete than it needs to be.

This has been tested with both Linux PAM and Solaris 2.6 PAM, but requires
Linux PAM when building on Solaris 2.6 (for its enhanced headers and
such). If you wish to use it there, get Linux-PAM 0.63 from
ftp://linux.kernel.org/pub/linux/libs/pam/pre and then get in touch with
me for the remainder of the Solaris 2.6 patches (very little) which will
be in 0.64 anyhow. 

I have not tested on HPUX 10. The HPUX 9 port of Linux-PAM may be close
enough that someone can get something working.

Feedback welcome.


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