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Re: PAM & Shadow

Francis A. Vidal wrote:

> i'm putting up a new server as a replacement for our old mail server. i
> wanted to use PAM+Shadow passwords on the new system. i noticed that on
> Redhat 5.0, PAM is already installed and integrated with shadow password
> suite...

Exactly - so implementing shadow passwords is a case of setting up PAM
correctly to do so.

The point behind PAM is to act as a common interface to many different
authentication systems. As a result of PAM, there is no need to rebuild
applications to use shadow, or kerberos, or anything else, just
configure PAM and you are on your way.

> if i rebuild from scratch (using the current PAM and shadow suite
> sources), what are the procedures so as not to damage the system? where
> can i get the source for PAM? what about the new cracklib 2.7?

Don't rebuild anything - there is no need.

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