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Re: disable "fake" samba authentication error messages

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Urs Rau wrote:

> What bothers me is that samba is filling up my log files with a lot of 
> extraneous/fake entries about authentication failures. "Extraneous/fake" - 
> because all it is is a reflection of the way the protocol actually tries to login - 
> going through the upper/lower case mutations as configured.
> sample log entries: 
> -----------------------
> Jun 30 19:40:35 dolphin PAM_pwdb[26988]: 1 authentication failure; (uid=0) -
> > root for samba service
> Jun 30 19:40:36 dolphin last message repeated 4 times
> -------------------------------- 
> Is there any way to have samba only log the really failed logins? (i.e. 
> only if the password actually never matched - in any of these mutations
> that are automatically tried on a single connect) 
> I really do want to use PAM - because of it's otherwise tight and nice integration
> with the operating system.
> What and where can I change this behaviour? 

This can't be fixed in samba. samba does not log the password stuff, pam
does. As I understand it, to fix this (a HUGE problem, considering the
number of linux/samba boxes there are out there), you would need to move
the "password level" stuff down into PAM_pwdb. For someone who knows the
code, I wouldn't think that would be a HUGE problem. I don't know the code

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