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LDAP Appeal

We have been testing the nss_ldap module with Solaris and are very happy

about the results. Haven't been too successful on Linux - yet. We were
hoping to have a similar or greater degree of success with pam_ldap. We
have a Redhat 5.1 system that we are setting up as a server for our
graphics dept and would like to use ldap as the main mode of
authentication. Using ldap in the pam/samba conf fits our needs exactly.

Somebody please lend that Chris Albone in OZ a hand! Authentication via
LDAP for all of our services is our goal. We would really like to bring
this into production, and I think we are not alone.

I am aware of the ypldapd, and nss_ldap projects, are there any other
LDAP authentication projects out there that I have missed?

Thanks all for the great work so far.


Jeff Mandel
Network Manager
Molecular Probes, Inc.

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