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Re: pam_smb_auth.so login requires remote host in /etc/hosts

This is a bug in login that is distributed with redhat, I have a patch to
the login.c on my pam_smb site 


You need to get the source code to util-linux (get the SRPM from redhat),
apply the patch and then build login and install it ...

I have sent this patch to maintainers but it seems to have been decided
against from some reasn ..


On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Stephen Schaub wrote:

> I've been trying to get pam_smb_auth.so 1.0 working on my RH 5.1
> system. It works great for ftp and xdm authentication, but there's a
> hitch with login authentication.
> I configured the /etc/pam.d/login file exactly as in the example in
> the pam_smb README.  When I attempted to login to an account using smb
> authentication (* in password field), the telnet session is dropped
> after successful user id and password entry when the remote host is
> not in the /etc/hosts file.  I can login to an account with a normal
> Unix password assigned, and not have the session dropped.
> Is this a security feature of pam_smb_auth.so?  If so, is there any
> way to disable it?  It will be a real hassle to enter all the hosts
> that need telnet access to the box.
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