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Hello Richard,

Richard Hakim wrote:
> Does anyone know of an OTP implementation for PAM that a vendor has
> also implemented as a token?
> I'm looking for something like the SecurID tokens where you punch in
> a pin and challenge and it gives a response, but without the extra
> servers that SecurID requires.  If there was something freely
> available on the server side that some hardware vendor had
> implemented as well, that would be perfect.

LeeMah Datacom is such a hardware vendor. We make our own tokens and
we provide PAM modules for them as well as other free UNIX software.

Please, visit

The information about the tokens can be find at:

PAM modules can be downloaded from

And please, feel free to ask me any furter questions.

Best regards,
Vladimir Gurevich

Sr. Software Engineer                         phone: (510) 608-0635
Leemah DataCom                                6200 Paseo Padre Pkwy.
Security Corporation                          Fremont, CA 94555-3601

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