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Re: Need info (PAM on non-RedHat systems) for autoconf /KDE

Duncan Haldane writes:
> Subject: Need info (PAM on non-RedHat systems) for autoconf /KDE

> I just ported PAM support from xlockmore to the KDE
> screensaver "kscreensaver".

:^)  Do you have a pointer to this?

> Since KDE aims to install on a wide variety of *n*x
> platforms, I need to know what other systems besides 
> RedHat Linux are likely to have PAM (Solaris, etc), 
> and where to make autoconf look for the configuration 
> files. I presume all Linux-PAM systems will use
> /etc/pam.d/<service_name> (is this OK for RH4.x,
> or only for RH4.2?). 

Non Linux-PAM PAM based systems use a less powerful configuration
scheme based on the /etc/pam.conf file.

Anything that has CDE is supposed to have PAM support.  In reality (to
the best of my knowledge) Solaris 2.6 is the only one with PAM visible.

> I also need to know what modules can be 
> generically used for authentication.
> (pam_pwdb.so on RH5.x of course:
> is pam_unix_auth.so a safe generic
> alternative; what about Solaris ?)

Derrick might be able to help you out here...  Someone gave me this
list (in /usr/lib/security/):

pam_authen.so         pam_extern.so         pam_sample.so
pam_dial_auth.so      pam_pwmgt.so          pam_session.so
pam_entry.so          pam_rhosts_auth.so    pam_unix.so

> miraculously, Steffen Hansen's  PAM-support
> for KDE's xdm replacement kdm now suddenly
> works *perfectly* (including session support) 
> with pam-pwdb.so in RedHat 5.1, with no change 
> in the PAM-application code, which 
> after very detailed examination had always appeared
> to be correct, and worked  when put into a standalone
> test program :)

This is excellent.

> [kdm --with-pam worked for RH4.2 but was a *disaster* in 5.0:
> calls to various pam_* functions crashed X, in different 
> (module-dependent) ways. 
> Must have been some obscure bug in a RH5.0 component, 

There were a number of incompatible changes made to Linux-PAM-0.59
over previous versions.  It is quite possible that you were stumbling
over these..

All the latest is here:


[Unfortunately, this machine has been going up and down like a yoyo
over the last few days..  Mmm, does anyone mirror the PAM stuff?]



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