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Re: configurable service name advice wanted

Duncan Haldane writes:
> I'm working on finishing touches to
> PAM support in kde.
> (kdm, kscreensaver: xdm and xlock workalikes)


> To handle any other cases, I'm contemplating
> allowing an automake option
> --with-pam=foo  (to compile in service name "foo"
> instead of the default "xdm")
> for example.    
> Another possibility is to configure the service name in a
> root-access-only configuration file.
> Are these ideas awful security holes?

They seem fine.

> Only root will be able to run kdm.
> A user could run kde with
> startx and not use kdm:

> the only PAM access in that case is the display
> lock password query.

The key issue here is that a normal user is not in a position to
ever choose which authentication scheme the application uses...

I agree with Stephen that having a runtime config option is probably
overkill. (One more thing to worry about).  After all, the run time
config is what PAM supplies -- the reason for using /etc/pam.d/* files
after all, was so that it was easy to supply a default config for the
application.  Remember this config "file" could easily be a symlink to
/etc/pam.d/xdm ...

[XDM: I think the original xdm port was never followed up on -- you
are breaking new ground.]



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