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Integrating ftpd and pam_opie; not getting challenge?


	I'm trying to configure a system to use Andy Berkheimer's pam_opie
module with ftpd.  The system is RedHat 5.0, PAM 0.59, pam_opie 0.21, OPIE
2.22.  I have read the archives of this list and the Linux-PAM
Administrator's Guide, as well as done news/web searches, with no luck. 

	I have compiled and installed pam_opie just fine; I configured
"login" to use it and it works like a charm.  When I configure ftp to use
it, however, I don't get a challenge.  If I know what sequence key I
should use, and I use that for the password, I can successfully
authenticate with ftp... but I figured out the sequence by peeking at
/etc/opiekeys, which I can't very well do when I actually need to use it

	Are there any special hooks I should know about to integrate OPIE
(or, presumably, any module that has a challenge or preauth string) with
ftpd?  Or do I need to compile a hardwired version of ftpd to use OPIE,
thus bypassing all the good that PAM does?

	Any help you can give is appreciated.

	gowen -- Greg Owen -- gowen@xis.xerox.com

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