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Re: Integrating ftpd and pam_opie; not getting challenge?

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Greg Owen {gowen} wrote:

> On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Jim Hebert wrote:
> > to do opie, if you ask me. Now, perhaps, for command line opie ftp use,
> > you could hack the server to output one of those lines that they use for
> > big long messages (230, right?) and stuff the opie key in there... and do
> 	Yes, I do use one ftp server which inserts a "331 Skey Challenge
> ..." between the "login" and "password" prompts.  There's no doubt in my
> mind that someone spent a reasonable amount of time hacking that into the
> daemon, which I'd prefer to avoid by using PAM.

Neato. Am I right in assuming that this only works with a clui client like
stock ftp, since onces that make more assumptions about the protocol get
tripped up? Is there some specially hacked GUI client that works with that
server too? 

I'm just thinking that if you're going to take the time to do such a hack,
maybe it could work the same way...

Now, in terms of the hack itself, I think the thing is that you could rely
on pam for the opie code, use the pam calls that you're used to, but
you'll need to be smart enough to grab those extra prompts that the module
is going to want to kick out and send 'em off to the client (wrapped in
the 230/330/whatever status lines), etc. I dunno a whole heck of a lot
about this, so I'll shut up now. ;-)


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