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Re: PAM setting arb parameters

alan@cryptocard.com wrote:

>   Maybe I'm missing the meaning of "beyond the scope."  I thought it
> *did* mean that PAM should not interpret or pass the data.

I was not clear enough. I meant that PAM allows for no data passing at

>   User credentials (home directory, UID, GID, etc.) are set via
> /etc/nsswitch.conf, and the various nss libraries, including
> nss_ldap.

Is nss the cross the board standard for this?

>   Application credentials (IP address, PPP parameters) are set via
> application specific methods.  They usually have little or nothing to
> do with user credentials.

In some cases they do. A particular user dialling in via ppp may have a
specific IP address assigned to just them.

>   nsswitch.conf seems to do the trick for much of that.  Not all of it
> though, but a lot.

Will investigate.

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