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Help on pam_smb_auth.so (aka PAM-SMB and PAM-NTDOM)

Hello !!

	Basically, here is what we have to do as part of a project in our
school : we'd like to give the possibility to NT users to use Linux
Workstations (distrib. RedHat 5 or 5.1). Now, the trouble is, we don't
want to have duplicate logins for the same users to be able to login on
NT or Unix. So we thought about using PAM-SMB (or PAM-NTDOM, which
basically is about the same) to have this possibility (up to now, I
think I'm right).

	As far as I've understood the docs, I have to have SAMBA set up on the
workstations (which is mandatory for the users to have access to their
personal, NT hosted files).

	Now, I've tried everything, but couldn't get it to work ! Particularly,
the trust relationship (which I was told is not yet implemented in the
main SAMBA distribution) isn't working, thus preventing the logins to be
authenticated by the NT servers !

	Anybody knows of a workaround ??

	Another thing I haven't quite understood : how do I add the users of
the NT domain to my smbpasswd file ?? Do I have to recreate every user
to have them able to authenticate on the Linux boxes ?

	Thanks in advance for your help !!

	<< Frédéric LENS >>
Student engineer in telecommunications

PS : my pam_smb.conf file is exactly the same as in the README file
included in the distribution of PAM_NTDOM.
PS2 : yes, I have checked the domain names and the server names...
PS3 : the users I tried to log on with do work on the NT domain...

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