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Re: Help on pam_smb_auth.so (aka PAM-SMB and PAM-NTDOM)

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, Frederic Lens wrote:

> Hello !!
> 	Basically, here is what we have to do as part of a project in our
> school : we'd like to give the possibility to NT users to use Linux
> Workstations (distrib. RedHat 5 or 5.1). Now, the trouble is, we don't
> want to have duplicate logins for the same users to be able to login on
> NT or Unix. So we thought about using PAM-SMB (or PAM-NTDOM, which
> basically is about the same) to have this possibility (up to now, I
> think I'm right).
> 	As far as I've understood the docs, I have to have SAMBA set up on the
> workstations (which is mandatory for the users to have access to their
> personal, NT hosted files).
> 	Now, I've tried everything, but couldn't get it to work ! Particularly,
> the trust relationship (which I was told is not yet implemented in the
> main SAMBA distribution) isn't working, thus preventing the logins to be
> authenticated by the NT servers !
> 	Anybody knows of a workaround ??

security = domain (latest source - http://samba.anu.edu.au/cvs.html) or
security = server (latest source or latest main release -
http://samba.anu.edu.au/pub/samba access your closest mirror site).

> 	Another thing I haven't quite understood : how do I add the users of
> the NT domain to my smbpasswd file ?? Do I have to recreate every user
> to have them able to authenticate on the Linux boxes ?

these questions are best asked on samba-ntdom@samba.anu.edu.au but first
check http://samba.anu.edu.au/listproc/samba-ntdom

> 	Thanks in advance for your help !!
> 	<< Frédéric LENS >>
> Student engineer in telecommunications
> 	http://www.enic.fr
> PS : my pam_smb.conf file is exactly the same as in the README file
> included in the distribution of PAM_NTDOM.

remember to change the names to those of _your_ domain!

> PS2 : yes, I have checked the domain names and the server names...
> PS3 : the users I tried to log on with do work on the NT domain...

obtain http://www.cb1.com/~lkcl/arcfour.c; add -DUSE_ARCFOUR to the
Makefile; go from there.


p.s answers are brief as i have r.s.i.  sorry.

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