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Re: Help on pam_smb_auth.so (aka PAM-SMB and PAM-NTDOM)

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, Jim Hebert wrote:

> Unless I misunderstand, you do _not_ need Samba installed to use pam_smb.

correct.  however, what he wants to do is to authenticate against _either_
NT or UNIX.  if UNIX, and using pam_smb or pam_ntdom, then he _will_ need
to run samba on UNIX, to make it look [exactly] like NT.

> Samba is a fileserver for windows pcs.

samba makes UNIX look like NT 3.51 and 4.0 server.  it does a better job,
too (2 times faster) on the same hardware with a modern UNIX os.  but
don't tell microsoft that: they might get annoyed.  ha ha.

> Samba has an option to pass-through
> authentiations to the domain controller, when someone tries to connect to
> a fileshare from their windows 95 machine.

[or nt workstation]  also correct.
> This isn't what you want at all.

well, it is: and regardless of whether he uses NT or Samba+UNIX, the setup
is identical in each case, as you describe, when using pam_smb or

> There are tools out there that will dump your NT userbase into a text
> file, with the usernames and other info.

PWDUMP for example.

luke (samba team)

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