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pam_smb_passwd-0.1 . . .

It isn't really ready for production yet, but, in the hopes it might
save someone else from having to duplicate my work (and considering
what little time I'll have in the coming weeks to work on it :-) ...

I've written a PAM passwd module (based on pam_ntdom, pam_smbpass, and
samba) to change users passwords on SMB servers (over the network).
I've only tested it against a samba server, and it currently only
works on Redhat 5.x (if you're intersted, it does compile under
Solaris 2.6, but pam_get_item doesn't return PAM_OLDAUTHTOK to me
correctly after the PRELIM) but pam_smb_passwd-0.1 is available from:


Being that 90+% of it is GPL'd code, it is GPL'd itself, and I, of
course, take no responsiblity for what damage it does to you or your
systems, etc.


System Manager
Department of Computer Science
Michigan State University

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