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Re: PAM support for Cyrus IMAPD??

>Has anyone implemented PAM for the Cyrus IMAP server....This would be a
>winning combo.
>For those of you who are unfamilar with Cyrus IMAP, it's an IMAP compliant
>(also POP and KPOP) mail server that allows you to set up mailboxes on a
>witout actually setting up user accounts on that box.  It already supports
>Kerberos authentication, but I need RADIUS. If PAM support isn't avalible,
>it be possible to hack it in without loseing all my hair?

    Someone may very well have done it, but...

    The "normal" method of IMAP authentication is the command "XXX LOGIN
username password."  This limits the ability to use something like s/key or
OPIE with it; anything that goes outside the simple "one username, one
password" paradigm.

    There is also a PREAUTH command which is used to signify the client was
previously authenticated.  That may be the way to work PAM in and have it
work for more modules, but I know nothing about _how_ PREAUTH works so I'll
just lay that out as something to be looked into ;>

        gowen -- Greg Owen -- gowen@xis.xerox.com

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