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Help! PAM & S/Key

**Please** someone help me out here.

I have been struggling to get pam working the way I need it to on my
redhat linux system for about a month now.  I used to have a rh 4.1
system, and after trying so many things, I reluctantly concluded that
maybe it was the fact that my PAM was out of date.

So I've upgraded to RedHat 5.1.  I now have a virgin RH51 system, and
still can't get pam working the way I want.

Basically, I want to use s/key authentication for all non-local logins,
but logins at the console should use standard unix logins. Now that I
have RedHat 5.1, my pam is controlled through the  /etc/pam.d
directory.  I've tried creating a telnet file in that directory with the

auth    required        /lib/security/pam_skey.so

in it, but that doesn't work.  I've thought about using the login file
(where it does work) but can't think of a way of distinguishing local vs
remote logins.

Can anyone help?  Please?  Does anyone have s/key working with pam on
their systems?


Richard Hakim

PS:  I'm not picky about S/Key.  ANY OTP would be great.  In fact, if it
was one that had hardware token implementations (a la SecurID, but where
you don't have to buy tons of infrastructure to go along with it) then
that'd be great.

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