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http://www.redhat.com/linux-info/pam/pam_smb and netatalk

Hello, I've been trying to get this to work for a few days now, so maybe someone 

can help me.  I want to take some of the burden off of our NT server because
it is forever crashing, so I want to make a linux box the fileserver.  This 
would entail doing authentication to the NT domain controller.  This way I don't
have to inconvenience any of my clients.  I first tried redhat 5.0 w/ netatalk
and everything worked except people on the macs being authenticated through 
the NT server.  It would just say that the password is wrong, but it did allow
guest login.  I then tried redhat 4.2 to get the job done, and maybe upgrade later
but even after I downgraded to 4.2 it would not work.  I know the authentication
is working because I can telnet and that is getting the passwords from the NT 
box, but with netatalk 1.42b it doesn't.  If anyone can help me out I would 
appreciate it very much.
thanks charlie.

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