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Hi all,

Just playing with pam_filter - I'm working on a pam_filter version of ttysnoop
- and I've run into a stumbling block.  Using the 0.64 pam tarball, it seems
that if I set pam_filter in the 'session' portion of the login service, I get
the following:

/bin/login, which spawns pam_filter, and _another_ /bin/login, under which
all other things sit.  upperLOWER (and ttysnoop) work fine, but 60 seconds
into the connection, I get 'Login timed out after 60 seconds', and sigHUPs
all round.  It looks as though this is coming from the first login process.

Am I missing something simple here, or is pam_filter broken?

Oh, I'm also using an old redhat-4.2 that's been mostly upgraded to 5.0 -
glibc and other libc6 rpm's where possible, including the login binary.

I've tried setting non_term and new_term individually, and neither seem to
make much difference.

Kevin Littlejohn               darius@bofh.net.au    darius@wantree.com.au
Wantree Internet               Perth: 08 9221 8899  Adelaide: 1800-804-395
Perth, Western Australia 6000          Bike: BR250    fax: +61 89 221 8898
"Hours of frustration punctuated by moments of sheer terror" - a.s.r.

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