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Re: Weird problem with pam_pwdb (but not pam_unix_*) in KDE: advice needed!

Did you consider free memory list corruption somewhere before
pam_end() call?
Try to use gdb: it at least shows you where the crash happened.

					Andrey V.

On Sat, Mar 07, 1998 at 01:24:09AM -0500, f.d.m.haldane@MCI2000.com wrote:
> pam_end() calls the libpam function _pam_free_data in pam_data.c, which
> may call *cleanup() depending on which module was used.
> If pam_pwdb is used, *cleanup gets called, but does not return, and X crashes.
> But with what seems to be functionally identical code (as far as PAM is
> concerned), xdm from the RedHat 5.0 rpms, calls *cleanup and returns just fine.
> Does anyone have any guess as to how this might be happening, where to look,
> etc?.  I couldnt yet identify what actually happens after *cleanup is
> called, because the true name of the cleanup function is (i think) hidden
> in the data stored in the pam handle pamh.
> The workaround is that if pam_unix_auth is used for authentication,
> cleanup() never gets called, and kdm works.  The PAM is 0.59 (RedHat5.0).
> But I'd like to get the pwdb module working.
> Could this be a pam bug? (but then how come the RedHat xdm works fine, it
> must be a kdm bug?)  Both call pam_end(pamh,0).
> All suggestions welcome!
> duncan.

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