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RE: Auth::PAM anyone?

I'll take 'em I imagine. Are they LGPL'd? I pose this question because
of my interests in mod_perl - http://perl.apache.org/. Lately there have
been a lot of posts on that mailing list with subjects like "HELP!!!!!
Need NT auth NOW!" and "NIS auth config woes!". Early PAM support would
be a great boon to this fine project. IMHO. You can send them to me at
tom@vaughan.to, let me know where I can ftp 'em. Or something else....


> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Andrew Pimlott [SMTP:pimlott@MATH.HARVARD.EDU]
> Sent:	Wednesday, March 11, 1998 6:18 PM
> To:	pam-list@redhat.com
> Subject:	Re: Auth::PAM anyone?
> > Has anyone begun work on an xs extension to allow PAM access via
> perl?
> Yes, but...
> I worked on it over the summer, but not since, so I don't recall
> exactly
> what state I left it in.  I tried to do both the application part and
> the
> module part, but got hung up on the later (I posted some mail to the
> list
> about this in August); if I'd been content just to do the application
> stuff, I might have finished, but I'm picky that way.  I seem to
> recall
> that my sample PAM-perl application functioned correctly. 
> I was working with PAM 0.57 at the time.  I haven't kept up with all
> the 
> changes since then.
> I'll give my small efforts to anyone who wants them.  With a little
> prodding, I'll see whether I can put it into a releasable form this
> weekend. 
> Andrew
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