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Re: The Open Group's PAM

   Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 10:07:20 -0800
   From: Andrew Morgan <morgan@transmeta.com>

   The two people at Sun that I was in contact with that were working on
   PAM were Charlie who left the unix security group to work on JAVA and
   Vipin who left Sun for a better job at SGI.

Actually, I believe Vipin went to Oracle, where he's now their chief
security architect person there.

   I do not _know_ of anyone else that is working on PAM.

Neither do I.  I suspect that PAM may be in a period of implementation,
and no one is working on making any kind of significant design changes.
I could be wrong; there might be some work happening that I don't know
about, but all does seem to be quiet on the eastern front...

   If no evidence of development on PAM from the UNIX vendors
   materializes by the time we have implemented binary prompts and the
   recently proposed "support for event driven programming".  I am very
   tempted to start writing RFC's myself...  Linux-PAM would then be a
   "model implementation".

That might not be a bad idea.  Certainly that would be a way of finding
out if anyone else is doing PAM work.  

						- Ted

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