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Re: The Open Group's PAM

Theodore Y. Ts'o writes:
>    The two people at Sun that I was in contact with that were working on
>    PAM were Charlie who left the unix security group to work on JAVA and
>    Vipin who left Sun for a better job at SGI.
> Actually, I believe Vipin went to Oracle, where he's now their chief
> security architect person there.

You are correct.  I should have checked my email aliases before
writing that.

>    If no evidence of development on PAM from the UNIX vendors
>    materializes by the time we have implemented binary prompts and the
>    recently proposed "support for event driven programming".  I am very
>    tempted to start writing RFC's myself...  Linux-PAM would then be a
>    "model implementation".
> That might not be a bad idea.  Certainly that would be a way of finding
> out if anyone else is doing PAM work.  

My basic concern here is that an "official" PAM spec could otherwise
die from neglect.



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