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Re: External authentication, no entry in /etc/passwd: possible?

You might experiment with making an auth module that maps names like
this to "guest".  This should probably be coded in the setcred
component of an 'auth' module.

This functionality was intended to work but to my knowledge no one has
experimented with it.  You may encounter problems with application
support for this as well.  I would recommend you see how far you can
get with this sort of approach and report on your findings...



Shawn Barnhart writes:
> Is it at all possible to use an PAM authentication method (such as
> pam_lradius) and login without a specific entry for a given user in
> /etc/passwd?  I can do RADIUS authentication against an NDS tree that
> validates as OK, but without an /etc/passwd entry I'm unable to login,
> this makes sense, but..
> Is there any way around this?  Some kind of "default" user that a user
> who passes a pam_lradius authentication but fails a pwdb authentication can
> be rolled over to?  Any way to do it on the fly using the supplied
> login credentials?

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