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Re: External authentication, no entry in /etc/passwd: possible?

On Fri, 13 Mar 1998, Andrew Morgan wrote:

!You might experiment with making an auth module that maps names like
!this to "guest".  This should probably be coded in the setcred
!component of an 'auth' module.

That would be workable, but what would be even more ideal would be a
way to *create* /etc/passwd entries whenever an external
authentication succeeded but there was no entry in /etc/passwd.  This
would allow accounts in an existing directory that had a PAM
authentication module (I'm using RADIUS to bridge to NDS, but I've
seen there's a SMB/NT Domain PAM module) to login to a linux system
without having to add users manually.  

!This functionality was intended to work but to my knowledge no one has
!experimented with it.  You may encounter problems with application
!support for this as well.

I'm not too concerned with anything but login, but I could see where
support for some other application like ftp or smb might be kind of
interesting.  I think PAM is amazing, especially since it (almost)
allows proprietary directories to be glued into linux without major surgery.

!I would recommend you see how far you can get with this sort of
!approach and report on your findings...

Sadly, I'm big on ideas, small on programming skills.  Maybe someone
in need of a challenge and with time on their hands could pick this up.

Shawn Barnhart

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