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Re: External authentication, no entry in /etc/passwd: possible?

On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Anthony Baxter wrote:

!>>> Shawn Barnhart wrote
!> Is it at all possible to use an PAM authentication method (such as
!> pam_lradius) and login without a specific entry for a given user in
!> /etc/passwd?  I can do RADIUS authentication against an NDS tree that
!> validates as OK, but without an /etc/passwd entry I'm unable to login,
!> this makes sense, but..
!"it depends". What do you mean by "login"? Run a shell, and lots of
!different commands? That would probably involve inserting something into
!libc. If you instead want to just run a limited set of programs (eg
!imapd, popd, ftpd, ...) you can instead just hack those applications to
!support what you want. We do this on our primary mailserver - the passwd
!file has only the system maintenance accounts in it, nothing else.

I was hoping run a shell and all that implies, but without other
changes, it would apparently take another module that could create an
entry in /etc/passwd or make all users without one (who passed the
other authentication) fit into some kind of preexisting "guest"

Shawn Barnhart

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