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Re: Experiences with pam_lradius anyone?

Dear PAM-list members!

Steve "Stevers!" Coile wrote:
> I'm interested in knowing how well LeeMah's pam_lradius module works.
> I'm considering redesigning our entire set of servers to authenticate
> everything via RADIUS (because it should be trivial with PAM), but I'm
> concerned that I can't locate the source code for this module and that
> I have to register to get access to the binaries.  I'd really prefer
> somethings that's more "open".  For instance, the documentation for
> pam_radius indicates that authentication may be added in the future.
> Has any progress been made on that?

There was a hot discussion in our company about what to do with
the modules. As a result of this discussion led by GPL-mooded 
engineers the modules and the source were put back and I think 
they will be accompanied by GPL license very soon.

One thing that may change will be that we'll move our modules
so that they will be accessible through the Web site (the docs
and binaries already are) so we could get some statistics, like
who downloads them, etc (we still have marketing people in the company).

I am also personally asking yoy to try to submit your real email
addresses when logging to our ftp site. We will not trade them,
nor give them away, but we need statistics & feedback.

If you have any questions, feedback, etc. please, please, please again,
send your email to pam@engr.leemah.com.

Best wishes,
Vladimir Gurevich

Sr. Software Engineer                         phone: (510) 608-0635
Leemah DataCom                                6200 Paseo Padre Pkwy.
Security Corporation                          Fremont, CA 94555-3601

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