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Re: Linux-PAM and syslog (POSIX) (fwd)

On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Alex Satrapa wrote:
>First, we'd have to get people into the habit of doing the same thing
>with their application's syslog...

Why?  This is an effort to better PAM, not an effort to better every
application that uses syslog.

>Second, is PAM going to log as "pam" or as the program using it? I think
>it would make more sense to have "program: pam: error message" in the log
>files. Going through /var/log/messages today, I had a hard time trying
>to link the various pam entries to their respective ftp connections. It
>gets worse when I'm trying to link pam entries to httpd logs. They're
>in two separate places.

I still don't understand the compulsion to separate PAM messages from
their callers.  The imperative of being able to separate PAM messages
easily just isn't very strong.  Besides, properly formatted PAM messages
can be easily culled from system logs without dedicating a facility
to them and separating them from their caller.

>Third... what chance is there of the Linux-PAM (or even just Linux)
>community pushing for the "broken" libraries to be fixed? With the
>"broken" gethostbyaddr, isn't it just a case that you have to get used
>to copying the private data that gethostbyaddr lets you see, rather than
>depending on the data at the other end of your pointer staying where
>you thought it was, with the value you last saw?  What's "broken" -
>the library itself, or just the way people try to use it?

In the gethostbyaddr() issue, it's the people that try to use it.

    Steve Coile

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